Tour Name



Half day Excursions

Morning Trip Fun & Chill Out

9 am to 12 noon

Program : Peaceful sail along shoreline & sighting of the spectacular coastal scenery of Bentota and Beruwela. Welcome aboard ! Captain Julien and its crew will lead you with pleasure in their amazing universe : you can help on the deck operations & learn how to sail. Stop over in a nice cove for a swimming moment, far away from crowded beaches. It’s the occasion to try the stand-up paddle board & have fun with !


What to wear / bring- Sunscreen , hat, cap, sunglasses, Swimming suit, Towel, Camera, Cash for extra


Beruwela is located in one of the most breathtaking places in Sri Lanka. The name of the town “Beruwela” has an interesting history : When the Arabs landed in the coastal town centuries ago, they docked their boats here. “Be” in the local Sinhala language means “unloaded,” and “Ruwela” means “catamaran.” Hence “Beruwela” is derived to mean “where the sail boats were unloaded.” We are doing pretty much the opposite, as we will embark you from Beruwela Harbour ! A chance to glance at the oldest mosque of Sri Lanka, nestling in the heart of the harbour, then hoist the sails & slide on the Indian Ocean to a morning of culture, fun, water sports & sensations ! Depending on the wind direction, you will sail along pristine beaches of Aluthgama & Bentota or heading north toward Maggona's hidden cove.


  • 30 passengers maximum
  • Skipper + 2 crewmembers
  • Drinks menu available in extra
  • Complementary snack & fresh bottled
  • Daily departures from Beruwela Harbour
  • Facilities & equipment : Swim ladder Fresh shower in transom Stand up paddle board available Open cockpit with roof for shadow Front trampoline net for sun tanning Ladies & Gentlemen bathrooms with classical toilets Complete snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, fins) in extra

Note: This half day excursion can be done only for the guests who are staying at the southern beach hotels from Kalutara to Galle. Guests who are staying at other beach destinations will take more than half a day.